Microdul means engineering competence
From the design to the finished, trimmed substrate, Microdul offers its customers the full thick-film technology service (including front edge printing). With know-how accumulated over many years in the development of thick-film circuits, we produce with proven solutions on the basis of innovative engineering and individual design.


Dialogue with the customer
In the development of a new product, a thorough dialogue between Microdul and the customer is very important. The active participation of the development engineer in the layout process is desirable in order to identify critical aspects of the circuit at an early stage. In addition to the flexible integration of thick-film substrates into various applications, short development and production cycles, we also offer competitive prices.


Final test and resistance trimming
At the end of the thick-film process, the resistances are trimmed with the laser to their values to ensure the precise accuracy of the circuit. Before delivery each thick-film circuit is tested according to the customer’s requirements.