The strengths of thick-film technology
Thick-film technology is a technology with first class reliability under extreme operating conditions. Since thick-film technology withstands humidity and high temperatures, it serves as a more efficient solution for protective circuits, pressure sensors and resistance networks than other substrate technologies. In addition, thick-film technology is suitable for combinations with diverse assembly and bonding techniques.


Processes from A to Z
In the manufacture of thick-film substrates, conductor tracks, resistance surfaces and insulating layers as well as feed-throughs are applied to the substrate by means of screen printing, and then fired at high temperatures. Precise resistances are achieved by using high- and low-resistive pastes as well as through trimming by laser. Microdul masters the following processes:

  • Fine-pitch screen printing
  • Via technology for through-hole-connections
  • Multiple resistance printing with single firing
  • (Pushed) NTC and PTC resistors
  • Multilayer substrates with 18 layers and above
  • Ceramic, nitride, steel and copper substrates
  • Passive and active trimming of resistors