Microdul means engineering competence
Through the use of new and current technologies, effective solutions are developed on the basis of innovative engineering and individual design. Thanks to the combination of technical know-how and many years of development experience, our engineers are in the position to solve the most challenging tasks.


Customer-oriented tailor-made solutions
As a full-line supplier, we produce modules that are exactly tailored to meet the customer’s application requirements. In cooperation with the customer, schematics are converted into concrete assemblies, making use of powerful CAE tools. Due to the close cooperation, an optimal, customized solution is guaranteed.


Traceability and conformance certificates for medical products
When — such as for implants and other demanding medical applications — the highest degree of reliability and traceability to the individual component is required, Microdul with its ISO13485 certification is the right partner for you.


Zero defects guaranteed
Influences due to the line power, load currents, temperature extremes and power dissipation are simulated early during creation of the layout. The purpose of these quality oriented checks is to reduce susceptibility to errors to a minimum. You receive modules with zero defects.