News | Transformation within our Management Group by year-end

Transformation within our Management Group by year-end

Microdul, the esteemed Swiss full-service contract manufacturer, is dedicated to serving the dynamic MedTech industry. Nestled in the heart of Zurich, we are poised to usher in a transformation within our management group by year-end.

For over two decades, Dr Philip J. Poole, an illustrious figure, has led the charge as Director of Semiconductors and a distinguished member of our management group. Philip’s steadfast dedication has steered our business development and technical leadership within Microdul Semiconductors since 2002. As he prepares to embark on a well-deserved retirement, he confidently entrusts the reins to Dr Jens Muttersbach. Jens brings with him a wealth of experience and an ardent desire to contribute to the strategic portfolio and the continued success of our products.

Throughout our remarkable journey spanning three decades, Microdul has emerged as an esteemed Swiss contract manufacturer. We have consistently provided steadfast support to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as they navigate the complex landscape of MedTech. From pioneering active implantable medical devices (AIMDs) to crafting intricate components to enhance the quality of patients’ lives, Microdul stands as a steadfast partner. Our company thrives on fostering close collaboration with our clients, propelling them towards becoming formidable players in the ever-evolving MedTech industry.